The Benefits of Residential Skip Hire in Twickenham

At we fully understand that getting rid of refuse and waste can be a monotonous task as well as being downright hard work. Whilst many Twickenham customers attempt to take their own rubbish to the local tip, PNM Skip Hire offers a more effective waste disposal solution.

If you have a significant amount of waste to recycle or get rid of, then our skip hire (or grab hire) service is specifically for you. Twickenham customers can take advantage of our skips as we can deliver directly to your door. All the clutter, junk and rubbish you’ve accumulated over years can be cleared within one fell swoop.

As most know, transporting rubbish to the local dump is a time consuming and laborious task, especially if your vehicle isn’t that big. Dependant on traffic, the dump’s location from your Twickenham address and how much rubbish you have to clear, it makes sense to use one of our skips.

If you are one of those that make many trips to the local dump over the course of a year, why not consider using our services? We can supply skips in different sizes, so we’ll have one big enough for you to fill with unwanted material, rubbish and waste. You’ll save time by not worrying about breaking down boxes or what will fit in the car.

Saving Time and Money

You’ll save money by not driving down to the dump on a regular basis and using unnecessary fuel by sitting in traffic in Twickenham or queuing up to unload. Also by using our skip hire, you’ll avoid any possible damage to your car whilst loading items that are big, bulky and awkward.

So for the cost of a day’s skip hire, you could save yourself many trips to the local waste disposal centre. Also avoid possible damage to your car and you can spend the time saved more wisely.

If you have an excessive amount of waste disposal, we can also supply our grab hire vehicle. The grab hire machinery can put the rubbish straight onto the truck that you’ve stockpiled at your Twickenham home. This saves any loading into one of our skips.

Call us now on 07746 167 171 or 07585 856 521 where we can have one of our skips delivered directly to your Twickenham home. All skip hire is competitively priced.

Looking for reliable skip and grab hire services…
Look no more!

PNM Skip Hire guarantees dependable and extremely affordable skip hire.

Based on your waste disposal requirements, choose from our wide range of skips:

• 8 yard – £240

• 10 yard – £270

• 12 yard – £300